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Sorcerer's Accountant seeks to serve very small businesses (2 to 10 employees) in such a flexible way that they are enticed to keep working with Sorcerer's Accountant for accounting and bookkeeping services even after they have grown beyond this size and could afford their own full-time bookkeeping employee.

We seek the following measurable results from this strategy:

  • To achieve bookkeeping service annual revenues equal or greater to the current total revenues within three years (effectively doubling revenue)
  • To achieve net profit of $60,000 in three years
  • To employ 8 part-time bookkeepers in three years
  • Achieve a client attrition rate of 10% or lower annually from the second to third years.

Core Branding Elements

Core branding elements for Sorcerer's Accountant will be based around the logo - an image of a magic wand touching a dollar sign on a piece of paper. Rather than resorting to cartoon "Sorcerer's Accountant" images or clip art, Sorcerer's Accountants will not be shown in visuals, but stylized representations of the magic involved in the service will be used, including fluid, sparkling lines and star bursts.

The core branding elements that will share these visual elements will include:

  • Stationery
  • Business cards (short runs printed for even the bookkeeping employees)
  • Forms (Invoices, Fax cover)
  • Marketing kit
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail advertising
  • Email format
  • Signage
  • Website

Non-visual branding elements will incorporate a "can-do," "at-your-service" attitude, with a focus on finding a way to work with each small business owner through flexibility, rather than calling for the clients to fall into certain categories or use pre-defined packages when they do not work for their needs. This attitude will be represented through the following:

  • Telephone manner
  • Customer service
  • Student bookkeepers

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