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Sorcerer's Accountant will use the following marketing tactics to reach its target market of very small businesses (2 to 10 employees) with its new bookkeeping services:

  • Website marketing (detailed in the Web plan section)
  • Advertising on public radio and in weekly and monthly periodicals with an offer for the webinar.
  • Direct mail of a postcard six times per year to 2,000 suspects from a purchased list of very small businesses in Chicago. Returns and bad addresses will be weeded out. After one year, will shift to a new 2,000 suspects. Postcards will offer the webinar and newsletter.
  • Redevelopment of the Sorcerer's Accountant brochure with an additional section about the services
  • Mail of the brochure to those who take part in Sorcerer's Accountant webinars


Media Tracking Kits Requested

Advertising Medium

Contact Name

Contact #



Total CPM

Crain's Chicago Weekly removed removed 50,700/week removed removed
Chicago Small Business Monthly removed removed removed $250 removed
Chicago Public Radio removed removed 560,000 removed removed
Local Pay-Per-Click removed removed n/a removed removed


Referral marketing for Sorcerer's Accountant begins with the education of each potential client prior to their engagement. When prices are discussed with clients, they will be informed that they will be reimbursed for 20 hours ($600) of bookkeeping services if they refer three paying clients to Sorcerer's Accountant, 10 hours ($300) for two paying clients, and 5 hours ($150) for one paying client. The reimbursements will be made when these clients sign their contract and their initial payment is received, regardless of whether the referred clients work out in the long-run (it is the job of Sorcerer's Accountant, not the referring client, to make sure the clients remain satisfied).

Sorcerer's Accountant will ask for the names of other small business owners who are in the process of growing beyond microbusinesses or who have had turnover in their own bookkeeping staff. A form will be sent by email with this request at the time new clients join so that they can fill it in by email or simply attach outlook contact information to the return email. The offer will explain to clients that the referrals will be told who they were referred by, putting the onus on the referring client to make sure they are more-or-less qualified beyond providing their contact information to Sorcerer's Accountant.

A specific target market for referrals are other small business service providers. Whenever Sorcerer's Accountant works for or with another small business service company (coaches, counseling, software salespeople, lawyers, commercial real estate brokers, payroll companies, etc) Sorcerer's Accountant will make an offer of ongoing commissions for paying clients referred.

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