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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The target market can be reached through:

  • Referrals from their vendors or other business owners they know
  • Radio
  • Business press
  • Web marketing
  • Direct mail

These advertisements will be simple offers of the webinar or newsletter to better inform potential clients. Prospects will be provided with the marketing kit.

The marketing kit will include:

  • Short cover letter
  • Case statement for the need for Sorcerer's Accountant's small business services
  • Difference summary describing how Sorcerer's Accountant combines CPA oversight with high quality student labor
  • Ideal client description
  • Service offerings
  • Case studies: One or two case studies out of a stock of five possible case studies will be included. These will be either in a similar industry or similar stage of the small business life cycle to the client the marketing kit is prepared for.
  • Testimonials: To start, these will be from past clients describing the work of Max Greenwood as a CPA, but will include more and more testimonials about bookkeeping services when these can be collected.
  • Frequently asked questions: Including both actual FAQs from clients and questions which Sorcerer's Accountant believes clients should be asking to ensure they get high quality service when outsourcing their bookkeeping or accounting.
  • Client list

The case studies and the short, personalized cover letter will be the means by which the marketing kit will be tailored to individual prospects.

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