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BikeArt is a stand-alone kiosk located in the busy Valley River Mall.  BikeArt sells assorted pieces of art as well as furniture made out of recycled bicycle parts.  Through outstanding terms and conditions of their lease, BikeArt will be able to display their larger items on the surrounding floor space.  This should significantly increase sales as walk through traffic in the wall is very high.

BikeArt will target two market segments, industrial art aficionados and bicycle enthusiasts.  Both of these groups are populous in Eugene.  Eugene is a progressive, liberal city which favors forward-thinking art collectors.  Additionally, Eugene is Bike City USA, meaning bicycling is hugely popular.  Having good numbers of these populations will fuel growth.

BikeArt is forecasted to reach profitability by month nine and will have profits of almost $40,000 by year three.

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