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Consider global marketing for your company

written by Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software https://www.paloalto.com

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The topic of “global marketing” is as large as its name suggests. The following offers some key points of consideration that may assist in addressing a global marketing strategy within your marketing plan.

The concept of global marketing is grounded in the notion that enhanced communication and other technologies have resulted in parallel needs and tastes of consumers around the world. Some feel that this level of commonality is overstated and that consumers’ tastes and needs should be examined on a market-by-market basis. Global marketing is different from international marketing. Global marketing seeks to develop a uniform marketing strategy, rather than a separate marketing strategy tailored for each country or region.

Internet marketing strategies represent some of the most successful and low-risk global marketing strategies today. Marketing campaigns are measured by their success in various regions and countries and are modified to attract the greatest number of customers, regardless of their location. More individualized strategies may spin-off to improve results in areas that do not have common needs.

Global positioning and branding decisions follow the problems and opportunities of international and global marketing. Depending on the product or service, it may or may not be possible to develop truly global brand positions and equity.

Products that can be globally marketed most easily are those that are subject to economies of scale in manufacturing and those that are used and accepted across a wide array of cultures.

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