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Email Marketing

Build and maintain customer relationships through Email.

Despite the rise of blogs and other means of online communication, email marketing is still an effective way of reaching your audience. According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every dollar invested in email marketing, the return is $40. Needless to say, email marketing should be a large part of your marketing strategy. Here’s some advice from the experts.

Test Your Way to
Better Email Marketing

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Testing can be an important part of your email marketing strategy. A simple tweak in your email campaign could squeeze in some additional clicks, opens or even added revenue! Here are some ideas that can hopefully help you garner better results. What is a “control”? It’s you putting a stake in the ground regarding […]

Consumer Protection Laws and Marketing

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State consumer protection statutes are meant to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive practices and often go beyond the traditional legal remedies available for breach of warranty. Laws like these are on the books in nearly every state, although the details vary. […]

Tips for Creating: Effective E-Newsletter

A challenging economy has encouraged many small businesses to test out email marketing, but the idea of creating a consistent e-newsletter that you issue on a monthly basis seems daunting. Well, fear not. You can put a surprisingly compelling newsletter together with a small amount of information. In a recent Extreme Email Makeover session […]

Building Business
Value Through Blogs

VerticalResponse Blog. It’s a strange term, an even stranger phenomenon to some. With all the hoopla surrounding blogs, it’s easy to dismiss them as more sideshow than substance. Yet, as numerous small businesses have discovered, blogs can provide real business value as a communications tool that helps define your image and bring you closer […]

The Hidden Savings:
Lead Generation Tactics

As a long-time marketer, it seems obvious to me to use email as an integral driver in direct marketing and not just for customer newsletters. In fact, since email marketing is among the least expensive media options, it should be one of the first tactics tested in any marketing campaign. Whether you are measuring your program’s effectiveness […]

What You Need to Know: Email Delivery

By Richard Huffaker Education & Training Manager at VerticalResponse Email Delivery sounds pretty simple: you create an email, hit send, and then mighty wizards transport that email to your recipients through the use of hand-crafted cables and powerful laser beams. What more is there to it than that? As anyone who has sent more than […]

Five Reasons
to Send a Survey

By Janine Popick CEO and co-founder of VerticalResponse In a perfect world, you’d know exactly what your customers were thinking and could give them exactly what they want at all times. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work this way, so you’ve got to use the tools you have available to find out more about your customers. […]

The Foolproof Marketing Offer

Customers often ask me, what are the best offers to use in email marketing programs, or any lead generation program for that matter. The answer, of course, is dependent on a long list of factors – among them: What is the nature of your business? What are you trying to achieve with your email? What are you able to offer? […]

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