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Five Reasons you Need a Marketing Kit

written by Fiona Friesen


No matter what stage your business is at, you can benefit from a marketing kit. What’s a marketing kit, you ask? A portion of the Duct Tape Marketing system founded by John Jantsch, a marketing kit is the foundation of your corporate messaging. It’s a flexible and in-depth package consisting of separate pages of information that are interchangeable depending on your audience. You can pick and choose from your marketing kit to easily create all kinds of things your business needs, such as a website, brochures and direct mail pieces. Here are five ways your business can benefit from a marketing kit.

1) It keeps your marketing efforts consistent

A marketing kit is your one-stop-shop for content that will come in handy in your marketing strategy, such as FAQs, Remarkable Difference Summary, and Ideal Clients. Some of this information is for internal reference, while some is for the world at large. Whoever your audience, using information from a single source means that everything you create will carry the same tone and voice. This is ideal for building brand awareness and trust.

2) It tells customers why they need you

Each component of a marketing kit is directed sharply away from fluffy jargon and focuses only on facts that your client can really use. It tells them, quickly, that you know their frustrations and why they can trust you to help. Marketing kits also help you stand out from the crowd by showing your prospective clients that you’re a real person who loves what you’re doing. These are all factors that anyone would find appealing, especially prospects.

3) It keeps you on track

What’s your process? What’s your unique difference? A marketing kit can tell you. It contains everything your clients will want to know about your operations, your motivations and your results. Gone are the days of conflicting intentions and veering wildly off-course into bad marketing decisions. Knowing exactly what your business is all about will help you capture your unique positioning.

4) It keeps you flexible

A marketing kit comprises several pages of information that are separate from one another and usually printed on standard office printers. This makes it easy to update if things change, like you add a service or a customer gives you a testimonial. You can also mix and match the contents depending on which potential client will be receiving the information. This results in a perfectly customized package of information for each client, which is more than can be said for a generic brochure.

5) It saves you time

How much of your time is spent re-inventing the wheel when it comes to your marketing materials? With a marketing kit, everything you’ll need to follow up with a lead is right there. You no longer need to rewrite bios, search through files for case studies or ask past clients for testimonials – again. Simply refer to your marketing kit for all you need. Then, spend your saved time doing what you do best – making your clients happy!


Fiona Friesen

about the author

Fiona Friesen

Fiona Friesen is a certified Duct Tape Marketing Coach located in Calgary, AB, Canada. As president and founder of Glue, Fiona cares about client success - and it shows. She loves taking her clients' marketing headaches away with a custom-tailored, systematic Duct Tape Marketing program. Her clients love their increased sales, higher productivity, and true customer connections. Follow onGoogle +


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