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written by Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software

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Market Data for Other Countries
As the power of the Internet spreads throughout the world, demographic and economic statistics are becoming more available. If you’re working on market data for your own country, check with your local business development agencies, business schools, and industry trade associations for help in finding the information you need. These Web links might also help:

  • Web links for international economics: The American Economic Association offers a guide to resources for economists on the Internet, at This site has a good list, with links, of which statistical data are available for different countries and world regions.
  • Statistical data locators: Nanyang Technology University‚Äôs library site, at maintains another good collection of statistical and economic sources from different countries and regions.
  • The United Nations Statistics Division site,, contains another list of national data sources within different countries.

U.S. Websites for Market Data on Other Countries
Although you should always check locally first, there are some US-oriented sites that offer data for other countries and other markets.

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