Lead Generation

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is the art of initiating a relationship.

Provide value in exchange for brand consideration should a customer decide to make a purchase. Leads can be generated via traditional advertising, event marketing, or through highly effective digital methods focused on providing free content in exchange for email or list signups.

Card Marketing

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Business cards can be a great inexpensive marketing tool for a small business. They say exactly what you do and give people all the contact information they need to get a hold of you. Yet oddly enough we tend to use them only for networking, and even then […]

Speak for
Leads and Expertise

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One of the best ways to reach your audience is by simply speaking to them. Tighten up those presentation skills and engage people with your business or product. Create at least 3 various topics to present. This allows the organizer […]

Get Out There and
Find an Audience

If you are not including misspelled search terms in your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) process you are missing out on connecting with many potential customers. It is no secret that the Internet has created our enormous global market. Customers, speaking any of thousands of languages, from every nation can make purchases online […]

Your Marketing Pass
the “Purpose Test”?

By Joe Constantino of Business Marketing Solutions In my experience, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding marketing is the lack of understanding by many business owners about what marketing is actually supposed to do, or its purpose. I have been asked this purpose question so many times that I have actually devised a very simple […]

Dating the Trysumer.

For those of you who are experiencing marital bliss let me remind you of this age-old, sometimes confusing, but always entertaining ritual. Back in the caveman days dating was easy. The caveman hit the cavewoman over the head and dragged her home a behaviour that still exists today in the form of annoying telemarketers who won’t take no for an answer, or people who corner you at a business function […]

Should a Small
Business Use Twitter?

Oprah and Ellen say yes! Isn’t that enough? It was for the masses, but you’re a busy business owner who’s a little apprehensive about spending the few precious moments you have tweeting instead of tweeping (that’s sleeping in Twitter-speak). Well, I have the answer for you! Yes…and no. Allow me to explain. Small businesses all […]

Social Marketing
for Business

Cidnee Stephen of Strategies for Success www.strategiesforsuccess.ca Social bookmarking is a cool concept that allows you to save bookmarks to websites you find interesting or useful. It’s a great idea from a personal standpoint because you can access your favourite bookmarks from any computer. But how can social bookmarking help your […]

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