Public Relations

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Public Relations

Public relations is part art and part science.

Done well, it can help you gain exposure to potential customers. Done poorly, it can be costly to you reputation. Learn how PR pros establish thought leadership on topics of public interest and build relationships with traditional and digital media partners. These articles provide examples of public relations and will help supplement your PR training and spark ideas to help you strengthen your approach to PR.

Creating the Image
for Your Small Business

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If you’re like millions of other small businesses, creating a professional visual image is key to your success. After all, your image is the first chance you have to introduce your company to potential customers. If your customers like what they see, you are one step closer to getting their business. […]

Creating Powerful Promotional Material

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There are so many amazing resources out there to produce great copy on a budget, that there are just no more excuses for poorly executed, hand-made tri-fold brochures. There are so many amazing resources out there to produce KILLER copy on a budget […]

Product Publicity
and PR Success

The Client: New Deal Playing Card Company “Making the best of the hand you are dealt.” Several months ago I took a phone call from an executive at The New Deal Playing Card Company. Her husband had just invented, patented and launched a unique line of ergonomically correct playing cards designed to fit […]

How to Plug Your Business Into the Media

We all know what an electricity generator is and does, but when it comes to getting media exposure for your business, how good is your “publicity generator?” If you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Whether it’s your business’ electricity generator or its publicity generator that fails […]

Product Publicity: Market To the Media

When starting a successful business venture or launching a new product, most entrepreneurs or business owners conduct some type of marketing research to determine the extent of their prospective customer base. And when getting the word out to that customer base, many entrepreneurs may turn to the media to help generate a buzz […]

Media: Interested in my Product or Business?

When it comes to launching a new business or product, some marketing consultants might say that EVERY product is appropriate for a publicity or media exposure campaign. That is true to a degree, but as a PR/publicity professional and former media person, I would qualify that statement by saying that although new products would benefit […]

Turning Your Media Pitch into a Media Hit

Anyone who has ever read a book on sales or taken a sales course has heard it: on average it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 contacts before a sale is reached. Although sales and publicity are very different animals, the same rule of thumb applies when pitching your release or […]

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