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This sample marketing plan was written by Joe Dager of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

My prospects have been generated by referrals from accountants, bankers and insurance people who have developed a high degree of trust with my end client. This allows me to move through my marketing funnel very quickly and efficiently. The Know, Like and Trust phases are steps that until recently have been ignored because of these relationships. 

The trial stage is a paid assessment that is based on:

  1. Financial Ratio Assessment
  2. Sales and Marketing Evaluation
  3. Operational Assessment
  4. Organizational Assessment
  5. Present Cost Structure
  6. Product Mix Analysis
  7. Future Viability of Product(s)
  8. Cash Flow Projections

The buy stage occurs after this intensive analysis and report; a meeting is made of key players to see if and/or future services are desired. The engagement is then proposed, with Objectives clearly defined.

The repeat stage has been used to create an ongoing consulting fee to run an objective assessment, much like the trial phase, on a regular basis.

The referral phase has been a neglected phase that we wish to expand in our new marketing strategies to help build better relationships among the financial communities.

In the present economy, we feel there is a greater need for our services and that our experience can be utilized in the earlier declining stages of a company. "Why wait for trouble?" will be our tagline to develop awareness with the financial and small-business community. 

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