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The ideal customer for Sumptuous Cuisine Catering is a Doeuvreville business with at least $10 million in annual revenues. Each year the company holds four quarterly all-company meetings for its ~100 employees, including a breakfast, presentation, lunch, additional presentations, and a reception at the end of the day. In addition, it holds an annual evening holiday party, periodic retirement parties, and client appreciation nights a few times a year.

The business has grown quickly and does not have an in-house facility suitable for large group events or luncheons. The company has an events department with a small staff (perhaps two employees) charged with planning company events, but they require additional assistance to provide contacts with vendors, recommendations, and day-of-event staffing. It is a great advantage to the company to choose a consistent, versatile catering venue for many of its events from both a financial perspective (they will save money by setting up recurring contracts with vendors) and a time perspective (the event planning department can stay small and focus on the strategic goals of each event rather than many of the details or venue scouting).

Market Description

The market analysis chart is provided for the Doeuvreville area in a radius of ten miles.

The corporate market is defined as businesses which hold at least one off-site event each year. Businesses often have audio-visual and public relations needs in concert with their events, which may serve a marketing function for the business. Whether entertaining the press, clients, or board members, businesses require professional execution, delicious food and drinks, and alignment between the event managers/caterers and their business's objectives for the event.

The private market includes households with a combined household income of over $80,000 per year (those most likely to throw an upscale event in a rented venue). This group puts a great deal of pressure on caterers and requires added attention, as lavish events may be uncommon for them. They require hands-on work and planning as well as expert advice and referrals throughout the process.

The non-profit market is defined as non-profit organizations which hold at least one off-site event each year. Very price conscious, the non-profit market looks for in-kind donations and discounted services whenever possible. Some non-profits realize the benefit of paying for great events which lead, in kind, to improved perception of the organization and donations, while others will take the lowest price available at the minimal quality level acceptable.

Sumptuous Cuisine has traditionally targeted the private and corporate markets primarily. They will continue this focus with the launch of Sumptuous Ballroom. Private clients, although requiring additional labor and handholding, can be charged somewhat higher rates than corporate clients. Furthermore, they help to "recession-proof" the business by providing steadier revenue streams in economic downturns.

Corporate business can lead to repeat engagements with clients who have annual or even quarterly events and are more valuable as clients to acquire than private clients, even though the margin percentages are lower on each event.

Non-profit clients generally seek lower cost providers and venues and, while they do seek out Sumptuous Cuisine without mcu marketing to that group, the company's bids are generally not accepted. Sumptuous Cuisine will continue to choose specific non-profits to sponsor events for, to create visibility for strategic purposes or based on the charitable interests of the owners, but will not market directly to non-profits.

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