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This sample marketing plan was written by of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The Sumptuous Cuisine Catering e-newsletter is its primary method for repeated contact with prospects. Produced every other week, this newsletter will include:

  • Catering corner: Tips, recipes, or ideas from Sumptuous Cuisine Catering chefs
  • Vendor profile: Feature on a preferred vendor or partner with Sumptuous Cuisine/Sumptuous Ballroom
  • Making the event special: Three new tips on making your event special - different focus each week. Written by Sumptuous Cuisine Catering event planning staff
  • What's New: Information and photos of events over the past month, changes in services and options at Sumptuous Ballroom
  • Other items of interest, press mentions of Sumptuous Cuisine Catering/Sumptuous Ballroom, promotions, links to industry articles and reports

The newsletter is a collaboration of all staff members. It is the responsibility of each department to contribute ideas and language. The marketing director edits, collates, and sends the newsletter. The newsletter will be archived on the website to be seen upon demand and to build the website's content and search engine rankings.The template for the newsletter will be the same from month to month and will be developed by the marketing director.

Beyond the newsletter and leads that are generated through repeated contact with prospects, high-potential prospects will be contacted directly by sales director Rudy Electrum and two staff account managers who each handle a portfolio of clients. Rudy focuses on new business development and relies on the account managers to service, retain clients, and develop their business by encouraging them to use Sumptuous Cuisine for more events.

This sales strategy will continue with the opening of Sumptuous Ballroom. Rentals at the hall will be promoted by all staff when they work with clients. Salespeople will be added for Sumptuous Ballroom over the first three years of its operations as business grows.

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