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Sumptuous Cuisine Catering seeks to promote itself as more than an upscale caterer for the Doeurveville area. With its upcoming addition of an upscale event venue, it will be able to offer full-service event planning and vendor services. Its image will be represented through visual elements and its high quality of service. Sumptuous Cuisine seeks to expand sales significantly, doubling over the next three years via implementation of this integrated marketing plan.


Personal Goals:

  • Limit Antero MacDougal's work to 50 hours per week to keep a sustainable work schedule
  • CEO contribution to marketing efforts of at least ten hours per week

Business Goals:

  • Increase sales to $3 million in year three.
  • Add 60 premium clients over the next three years (clients with at least three events in a year)

Strategic Goals:

  • Hold four non-profit events each year to build awareness
  • Develop referrals from strategic partners
  • Establish reputation through PR mentions

Tactical Goals:

  • Devote 30 hours per month to the marketing "theme" chosen
  • Build Web traffic through search engine optimization, content syndication and advertising


The purpose of the Sumptuous Cuisine Catering marketing plan is to systematize the addition of Sumptuous Ballroom, a new venue acquired by the business which will strengthen its offering. Ultimately, Sumptuous Cuisine Catering seeks to ease the worries of private and corporate event planners by providing an upscale one-stop-shop solution for catering, venue, and other vendors.


A client working with Sumptuous Cuisine Catering will quickly realize the direct benefits, which will translate to cost savings for corporate clients. Increasingly, the client will understand that their catering and planning functions can be outsourced and that they can achieve their goals through events more easily without expanding their in-house events department. In the end, clients will hold more events because their events are more successful and less expensive, leading to long-term relationships with Sumptuous Cuisine Catering and their venues.

Gap Dashboard

The key metrics will be pulled from the management information systems on a weekly basis and entered into the Gap Dashboard to see how they are shaping up to meet monthly goals. The Gap Dashboard represents some inputs and some outputs. Together, it is expected that meeting these numbers will contribute to the success in growing sales and profits for Sumptuous Cuisine Catering.

The growth represented will be achieved with the addition of more sales staff and the expanded options of services which can be sold, but primarily through the careful systematization of marketing systems detailed in this plan.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Antero MacDougal, marketing director, maximum hours 3,100 2,500 2,500
CEO marketing contribution 510 510 510
Sales $2,251,998 $2,752,086 $3,346,846
Premium clients added 15 20 25
Non-profit events held 4 4 4
Referrals from strategic partners 84 100 120
PR mentions 37 36 40
Hours devoted to marketing theme of month 1,530 1,530 1,530
Website hits 30,052 40,642 46,738

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