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Suspects will be offered free newsletter with event tips and ideas.

Prospects will be offered free entry to quarterly open house events with multiple vendors from event industry.

Sumptuous Cuisine Catering offers the following products and services currently:

  • Event management ($40 per hour/manager)
  • Coat-check, door check, and restroom attendants ($30 per hour/staff person)
  • A variety of cuisine for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and appetizers (range of per person prices)
  • Non-alcoholic, wine, beer, and liquor beverage service ($35/hour/bartender and beverage service prices from $5 per person for non-alcoholic to $20 per person for premium)
  • Wait service ($30/hour/waiter)

Through subcontractors, Sumptuous Cuisine Catering offers:

  • Floral design (range depending on size
  • Space design and decor (range depending on scope)
  • Musicians and DJs (from $500 for DJ to $5000+ for multi-piece band)
  • Event equipment and furniture rentals
  • Cakes (range depending on size)

Through referrals, Sumptuous Cuisine Catering offers:

  • Lighting ($40/hour/lighting technician, rental fees vary)
  • Audio-visual rentals and support ($50/hour/AV technician, rental fees vary)
  • Event security ($35/hour/security guard)
  • Valet service ($25/hour/valet + applicable parking facility charges)

Future plans include the following additions with the opening of Elegance Hall:

  • Hall rentals for half-day or full-day ($1,500 for half-day rentals to $2,500 for full-day with some holiday/peak day exceptions where prices can go up to $5,000)
  • Space rental with a per-head full-service catering fee or as a fee separate from catering, beverage, and other services (price varies)
  • Facility management service ($40/hour for facility manager)

Premium clients (those who hold three or more events per year) will be given contracts granting lower per-event fees in exchange for guaranteeing this number of events with deposits ahead of time. They will be given priority scheduling. These clients will generally generate $40,000 per year or more.

Price Rationale

When looking at event venues, companies and individuals are interested in the cost per guest primarily. They do not want to pay for more space than they need, which happens when they have fewer guests than the average capacity of a space. Prices depend on many variables, as event details can be customized to the individual client. For example, an average sit-down dinner may range from $75 to $200 per guest depending on the number of guests, extent of food options, and additional services selected.

The pricing model for Sumptuous Ballroom will include a premium over the average event space based on the high level of service, value-added event planning, and upkeep and beauty of the space. The hall will be priced similarly to upscale venues of similar usable square footage.

During the initial launch of the space, there will be introductory spring and summer rates to encourage early rentals (the normal rate of $2,500 will be discounted to $2,000 during this period). This will create a trial pricing period that coincides with a slow time for corporate events (in the summer).

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