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The service experience is an integral part of marketing for Sumptuous Cuisine. Loyal clients will be invited to take part in periodic open houses. All clients will experience the same WOW process which will allow quality assurance as well as additional surprises which should delight the clients.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Loyal clients (defined here as those who return to host at least three events) are to be treated as gold by Sumptuous Cuisine. They will be given priority scheduling, allowing them to reserve dates for a longer time than other leads.

At each quarterly open house event, one loyal client will be invited to speak briefly about their events, which will offer them a specific opportunity to promote their business to the attending businesses. This should be seen as an opportunity for the client and will certainly build the credibility of Sumptuous Cuisine at these open house events.

WOW Process

A client's sense of WOW will be created through a careful system of double-checks and added-value services, starting with initial planning and going through the event to post-event reviews. This system includes:

  • Customized internal event checklist of steps for the client (based off of a standard event planning template) with each item assigned to both an implementing employee and a supervisor who must double-check that the work has been done by its specified due date. This includes client written sign-off on key decisions.
  • At each client appointment, the associate or employee meeting with the client is required to present a useful article or idea to the client either for their business, their event, or of personal interest.
  • Each sales associate is empowered to offer a free service or upgrade of up to $250 in value to clients, based on the specific interest of the client.
  • Post-event, a direct interview will be held by phone to hear what went right and what may have gone wrong. A post-event satisfaction survey is sent to get candid responses (as much as possible) on the services received and testimonials from clients.
  • Problems with events that are the fault of Sumptuous Cuisine Catering will be apologized for with gifts, direct apologies, credits, or even partial refunds to the client.
  • Clients will each be sent a set of fine chocolates as a thank you gift for each event. After a second event, the type of gift will be varied and of a greater value. Gifts will increase in value with each subsequent event held by a client.

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