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This section will offer a financial overview of S&S as it relates to the marketing activities.  S&S will address Break-even Analysis, sales forecasts, expenses forecasts, and how they link to the marketing strategy.

Break-even Analysis

The break-even analysis indicates that $30,000 is needed on reach the break-even point.

Break-even Analysis

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Break-even Analysis
Monthly Revenue Break-even$12,001
Average Percent Variable Cost60%
Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost$12,000

Sales Forecast

Silvera & Sons strategy focuses first on meeting the increased demand from importers with whom they have established relationships for larger orders. These importers are critical to the ability to acquire additional accounts on both the East and West coasts of the United States without having to spend a great deal on sales efforts. Secondly S&S' will focus on increasing the volume, while maintaining the percentage of sales, of beans sold to the internal Brazilian market. When S&S has reached maximum sales to existing channels they can then shift the majority of our focus to securing additional import accounts.

The following chart and table show our present sales forecast. S&S' projected sales to grow approximately forty percent in 2003, increase again by twenty percent in 2004, and reach maximum for production capacity in 2005 representing a thirty-three percent growth over the previous year.

Expense Forecast

The expense will be used as tool to keep the department on budget and provide indicators when a modification is needed for the proper implementation of the marketing plan.

Marketing Expense Budget

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Marketing Expense Budget
Printed sales materials$2,000$0$0
Total Sales and Marketing Expenses$187,550$206,000$243,000
Percent of Sales7.90%6.35%6.21%

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