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CCCD is close to entering their second year of service. The company has been well received , and marketing is now critical to its continued success. The company offers a wide range of computer consulting for both home users as well as small businesses. The basic market need is a reasonably priced computer consulting firm that can translate technical computer information into everyday English, allowing the lay-person to easily understand technical concepts.

Market Summary

CCCD possess good information about the market and knows a great deal of information about the prized customers. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how CCCD can better communicate with them.

Market Analysis

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Market Analysis
Potential CustomersGrowth     CAGR
Home PC Users2%25,00025,50026,01026,53027,0612.00%
Small Business Contracts3%10,00010,30010,60910,92711,2553.00%

Market Needs

CCCD is providing customers with a comprehensive computer consulting service for home users as well as small businesses. CCCD seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers.

  • Comprehensiveness- CCCD seeks to offer a wide range of consulting services, allowing the customer to be served with any type of computer issue that they may encounter.
  • Teaching ability- While the customer is interested in having their computer problems solved, most customers appreciate being empowered with new abilities and skills, giving them more control within their computing environment.
  • Customer service- The customer must leave the session believing that all of their needs were met in a manner that exceeded their expectations.

The market trend for the use of the PC within the home and the small business environment has been a skyrocketing increase in usage, to a large degree fueled by the proliferation of the Internet, and more recently by broadband connections. The relatively new uses of PCs are for the following tasks:

  • Personal financial management (including tax preparation and filing).
  • Online bill paying.
  • Internet purchases.
  • Research.

Market Growth

In 1999, 27.8% of the Eugene community used a PC at home. In 2003, that number has soared to 71%. Additionally, the percent of households that had a home Internet connection was 14% in 1999 and has increased to 64% in 2002.

The use of PC's within small businesses has not significantly grown in terms of the percent of businesses that have PC's, but the usage of the PC within the business has increased by 39% over a four year period in terms of activities that are now completed with the use of the computer.

The increased usage of computers in both the home and business environment can be explained by a number of factors including price decreases, technological improvements, as well as decreases in complexity.

SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing CCCD.


  • In-depth, comprehensive  industry experience and knowledge.
  • The unusual ability to teach technical knowledge to a non-technical clientele.
  • Flexibility- The ability to meet the customer's needs with a customized, flexible solution.


  • As a one person venture (at least initially), the number of clients served is dependant on the time available for the one employee.
  • The difficulty of building brand equity.
  • The inability to scale rapidly to meet demand.


  • Participation within a growing market.
  • Increased sales opportunities as the limit of technology is continually pushed upward.
  • A decrease in market share for Apple (MacOS) should increase the reliance of consultants to solve computer issues with the Windows operating system.


  • Future/potential competition from franchised computer consulting firms.
  • Significant leaps in computer technology making computers far easier to use, decreasing the reliance on professionals for assistance with computer issues.
  • A significant increase in consumer's knowledge/proficiency of computer technology.


There are two main competitors in this area.

  1. VOS. They are a well-established provider of computer upgrades and services.
  2. Suntech Computers. Smaller and less known than VOS, Suntech provides many services for residents living in East and South Eugene.

Both of these companies charge rates in excess of Creative Concepts, we will be able to attract the price-sensitive market without much work. Our second main advantage is the accessibility of our services. The time conscious customer will appreciate our swift work.

Additionally, there are several phone based computer help services that offer help via the phone.

Service Offering

Creative Concepts will offer computer support to clients of two major categories, home PC users and small office users. These categories will comprise 95% of our operations. Both Windows OS as well as Macintosh OS are supported. CCCD offers computer consulting for software such as the Office Suite, MS Access and other databases, Quicken, QuickBooks Pro, Internet technology software, and CD-RW software.

Hardware issues that are addressed are the setup of LAN networks, wireless (WI-FI) networks, CD-RW installations, hardware repair/replacement, and all issues relating to broadband connections.

Keys to Success

The keys to success are simply:

  • Exceed customer's expectations.
  • Offer comprehensive, flexible services.
  • Address market needs.

Critical Issues

CCCD is still in the speculative stages as a computer consultancy as a result of their young age. It is critical that they continue to take a modest fiscal approach to serving the needs of the clients, expanding only when the demand of the clients warrants expansion, not for the sake of expansion in itself.

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