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The Creature Nannie's marketing approach will be using guerrilla marketing tactics to be as cost effective as possible.  Guerrilla marketing techniques are marketing techniques that cost little or no money.  Some examples are press releases, general networking, etc.  The Creature Nannie will however, run an advertisement in the Humane Society's local chapters newsletter. 

In addition to this, Sara will speak with several well-respected veterinarians and provide them with several free day coupons.   This will be done to develop business that will then report back to the veterinarians.  Once a good review is passed back to the veterinarians, this will become a good source of customers for two reasons, 1) people typically ask their veterinarians for referrals for pet-related service providers, 2) veterinarians are very likely to recommend a foster care setup that they clearly recognize its benefit relative to the other service offerings.

Once The Creature Nannie has received initial business it will not take long before little marketing will be needed to fill up Sara's schedule.

Lastly, a website will be developed as a tool to communicate information about The Creature Nannie to information seekers.


The Creature Nannie's mission is to provide the customer with the finest foster care service for their canine companion.  We exist to attract and maintain customers.  When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.  Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Marketing Objectives

  • Maintain positive, steady growth each month.
  • Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.
  • Be able to operate at capacity while constantly decreasing marketing expenses.

Financial Objectives

  • Operate near capacity allowing the Creature Nannie to make significant contributions to mortgage expenses. 
  • Generate so much business that expansion is needed.

Target Marketing

The Creature Nannie's target market is people who truly look out for their dog's best interests and can afford a pet foster family.  Dog kennels are sufficient in terms of the care of a dog while someone is on vacation, however, the canines are never truly happy. The Creature Nannie is targeting the market of people that believe there should be another alternative for the care of their dog.

The other component of the target market is the customers must have enough money to cover the difference in cost, up to 80% more a day than a kennel.  Not everyone can afford this price variance.  The typical customer will have a household income above $60,000.


The Creature Nannie will position itself as a far superior alternative to the kennel.  Eugene dog owners recognize that the kennel experience is often an unhappy one for dogs and should be avoided when possible. 

The Creature Nannie's positioning will leverage their competitive edge: the ability to have the dog stay at a person's home who will be around most of the day to exercise the dog as well as take them on walks and allow the pet to wander around a one acre yard.  All other alternatives do not provide anything close to the amount of personal time spent with the dog.  Dogs leave The Creature Nannie perfectly content.  They are rarely upset about being left with a foster family. 

Strategy Pyramids

The single objective is to position The Creature Nannie as the premier canine foster family in the Eugene area.  The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding their services offered, develop the customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty.

The message that The Creature Nannie seeks to communicate is that their foster canine care is far superior to the current service offerings.  This message will be communicated through a variety of ways.  Advertisements will be run in the local Humane Society newsletter.  The message will also be communicated through networking activities with local veterinarians who are constantly asked for canine service provider referrals.  Lastly, a website will be used to provide the public with a comprehensive amount of information.

Marketing Mix

The Creature Nannie's marketing mix is comprised of these following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing--$20 a day per dog, $100 a week.
  • Distribution--All services will be provided out of the Sloth's home.
  • Advertising and promotion--The most successful advertising will be with the local chapter of the Humane Society.  Sara will also be networking with the different veterinarians.
  • Customer service--Obsessive customer attention is the mantra.  The Creature Nannie's philosophy is whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, even at the expense of short-term profits.  In the long term, this investment will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer base.

Marketing Research

During the initial phase of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held to gain insight into a variety of dog owners.  These focus groups provided helpful insight into the decision making processes of dog owners.

An additional source of dynamic market research is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system.  The suggestion card has several statements that customers are asked to rate in terms of a given scale.  There are also several open ended questions that allow the customer to freely offer constructive criticism or praise.  The Creature Nannie will work hard to implement reasonable suggestions in order to improve their service offerings as well as show their commitment to the customer that their suggestions are valued. 

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