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The positioning goal for Allendale Language School is to be the best language learning option for residents in the Allendale, New Jersey area who need both a social, structured atmosphere and an affordable price. The external marketing message stresses both the social, interactive aspect and the price of $25 per class for foreign language learners and $15 per class for English as a second language learners.

Measurable results from the marketing should include:

  • Classes run at at least 75% capacity and an average of 90% capacity
  • Expanding the number of classes per year by 25% each year over the next three years

4.1 Core Branding Elements

Core branding elements for Allendale Language School must be revisited to support this plan and move the language school into the future. The current marketing focuses only on the affordable cost of classes and does not speak of the social aspect of the school.

To accomplish this change will mean the redeveloping the following elements:

  • Logo - to incorporate the idea of two people in conversation
  • Colors - less garish and more professional and subdued than current colors (colors must support the idea of the school as a professional school with a history of excellence and not a fly-by-night operation)
  • Images - should primarily use photos of actual students in discussion with each other and the teachers
  • Slogan - current slogan of "Breakthroughs in language you can afford!" should be redeveloped to focus on the interactive aspect of class (i.e "Interact, Speak, and Succeed" or something along those lines)

With the redevelopment of these core branding elements, the company's printed materials, website, advertising, business cards, and more must be redesigned and reprinted over the next year. The school will also introduce a uniform requirement for teachers including a branded jacket and name tag which must be worn during all classes.

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