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Allendale Language School generates leads from the following sources:

  • Customer referrals
  • Business referrals
  • Pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords
  • Print ads in the Bergen Record and New Jersey Star Ledger
  • Strategically placed promotional flyers in area businesses serving prospects for ESL and foreign language programs (i.e. businesses serving the town's Hispanic population, immigration law offices, travel agencies, community centers, restaurants and stores with community information boards)

8.1 Advertising

Media Tracking Kits Requested

Advertising Medium

Contact Name

Contact #



Total CPM

Google Adwords removed removed removed removed removed
Bergen Record removed removed removed removed removed
NJ Star Ledger removed removed removed removed removed
Local Flyers removed removed removed removed removed

8.2 Referrals

Allendale Language School will develop a systematic referral program to capitalize on the success it has had to date in earning referrals from its students. Approximately 30% of new students are currently referred by a current or past student.

To encourage student referrals, Allendale Language School will offer a discount on the next class taken by the referring student. The discount will be equal to 25% of the cost of the class taken by the referred student. A referring student who brings in multiple referrals can end up with a free class.

Allendale Language School will also seek out professional referrals from likely business contacts. These include the following:

  • Locally-based businesses serving non-English speaking populations
  • Locally-based businesses whose employees are largely foreign-born
  • Locally-based businesses with an international element

To earn these referrals, Allendale Language School will market directly to these businesses with direct mail letters, focused marketing kits to those who express interest, and sales meetings to discuss details. The goal is for businesses to either offer to pay for these classes for their employees, offer to pay for part of the class, or promote the classes to their employees without paying.

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