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The Allendale Language School marketing plan has been created at a crucial juncture for the business. Its past success has been with hundreds of students and a handful of teachers. Over the coming three years, the business can and will expand to reach thousands of students with dozens of teachers. It will do this through rebranding and redevelopment of some basic marketing materials, a systematic referral program for customers and businesses, care with customer satisfaction, and a focus on marketing training for all employees. Marketing will be a total activity and not just one area of what the company does.

1.1 Goals

Personal goals:

  • CEO achieve 5 speaking engagements per year
  • CEO attend 3 language learning conferences per year
  • CEO devote more than 5 hours per workweek to marketing

Business goals:

  • Total annual revenue to exceed $2.2 million in 2012
  • Total class enrollments to exceed 2,800 in 2012
  • Lead conversion rate to reach 25% in 2012

Tactical goals:

  • Achieve over 140 customer testimonials in 2012
  • Achieve 75 PR mentions in 2012
  • Hire total of 8 new full-time staff over next three years

Strategic goals:

  • Maintain greater than 98% customer satisfaction with students completing classes
  • Keep dropouts under 2%
  • Raise $500,000 capital funds in 2012 to fund expansion to two new areas in 2013

1.2 Purpose

The Allendale Language School marketing plan is designed to give focus to the CEO and the core staff (sales representative and customer service representative) as the company expands over the next three years. Its primary purpose is to enable the school to reach many more students with affordable language classes which set them up to achieve real breakthroughs in language learning. The business believes that communication through language learning is important for many to have successful, happy lives and careers, and to achieve their greatest potential, whether the student is an immigrant learning English or an American hoping to travel.

1.3 Picture

A student joining the Allendale Language School should hear of its remarkable promise - that he will achieve real breakthroughs in understanding and communication over a three month period taking classes after work for an affordable rate. Allendale Language School will deliver on this promise through its careful, systematic teaching process, careful qualification of students and checkpoints for student learning, and engaging, interactive classroom activities that transcend rote learning. The success that the school has achieved with its method in the past will be brought to a far greater number of students who will be happy to sing the praises of the company by recording video testimonials about their progress.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

The Gap Dashboard reflects the numerical representation of the company's primary personal goals for the CEO, business goals, tactical goals, and strategic goals over the next three years. On a monthly basis, the CEO will review the Gap Dashboard actual versus planned results and identify any shortfalls. With the full-time staff, he will devise a plan to rectify the shortfall.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
CEO Speaking Engagements 3 4 5
CEO language learning conferences 3 3 3
CEO hours on marketing 470 300 240
Total revenue $1,427,375 $1,784,219 $2,230,273
Class Enrollments 1,800 2,250 2,813
Lead Conversion Rate 20.00% 22.00% 25.00%
Customer Testimonials 0 113 141
PR Mentions 27 60 75
New Full-Time Staff 90 2 3
Customer Satisfaction Rate 98.00% 98.00% 98.00%
Dropout Rate 2.00% 2.00% 2.00%
Capital Raised $0 $0 $500,000

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