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Allendale Language School's remarkable difference is its guarantee that students who apply themselves in any of its classes will complete it with a breakthrough in understanding or are entitled to repeat the class for 75% off. The School is certain that a student who attends all classes, completes all homework, and participates in class discussions and activities will be ready to "graduate" to the next class after 12 weeks because of the tested approach to language learning it takes, incorporating multiple modes of learning.

3.1 Differentiators

Allendale Language School differentiates itself through a combination of its unique method and unique guarantee.

The method uses a standard length of class (12 weeks, 3 class meetings per week of 2 hours each for 72 class hours), activity-based curriculum focused on group and whole class activities and discussion, and extensive homework requirements which will average to an additional 72 hours of work. The method has been tested to work with both visual and auditory learners. The goals of each class are a small breakthrough in understanding and communication which will open up new options for the student.

The school's guarantee is that a student who misses no more than one class meeting, completes all homework, and actively participates in class activities and discussion will pass the end of class test and be ready to move up to the next class level should they choose to continue. If they do not, the student is entitled to repeat the class for a significantly reduced fee - only 25% of tuition. This guarantee is put into use less than 2% of the time (2 out of 100 students or fewer repeat a class).

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