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The Allendale Language School website must be revised to reflect the rebranding and new marketing initiatives of the company. The purpose of the website is to provide the majority of information that potential students need to decide to enroll in a class by meeting the following objectives:

  • Proving the expertise of Allendale Language School in the area of language training
  • Displaying testimonial proof from past students and businesses of the quality of Allendale Language School's education
  • Providing information on all upcoming scheduled classes, class requirements, and fees
  • Providing class materials, times, locations, and details for enrolled students

To this end, the website includes the following pages:

  • Homepage and school overview
  • The School's Guarantee
  • The School's Method
  • Foreign language resources on the Web
  • ESL resources on the Web
  • Founder profile
  • School History
  • Testimonials of past students
  • Testimonials of business partners
  • Frequently Asked Questions (not answered elsewhere)
  • Enrolled student portal with details on the class(es) the student is enrolled in, downloadable class materials, additional resources, class times and schedule, location, and announcements from the teacher
  • Enrollment page (series of forms to complete to enroll and set up an account)
  • Contact page for additional questions

All pages relevant to ESL courses also have a Spanish-language version.

The website's enrollment page and forms will be redesigned to be 3 simple steps. Also, a page describing the customer referral program and a page focused on the business referral program will be added.

7.1 Social Media Plan

In the next six months, a Facebook page for Allendale Language School will be launched to allow current students to interact with prospective students and further promote the school. The page will be a forum for questions and comments from past, current, and prospective students, as well as a discussion area based on discussion questions posed by the school and by users. The Facebook page will be monitored by the newly hired sales representative of the company.

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