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This sample marketing plan was written by Joe Dager of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The Road Construction industry is poised to take advantage of the Economic Stimulus package but it will be determined by the bids that the road contractors win. Private-sector spending has come to a halt. Our marketing efforts must be spent on providing existing customers with the reassurance they need so that we are his first call when searching for equipment. We also must ensure that we can provide an adequate parts supply for our present customers. These are operational issues, more so than marketing ones, but it is an important part of our sales and marketing effort to be the easy choice for their needs and to provide local support during the prime paving system.

Our marketing plan takes a conservative approach in trying out some new communications methods. We have found that many of the customers we are reaching at the present time are seeking more direct contact. Since the audience is relatively well-known and in a geographic area, we are testing how best to use the new technologies before advancing.

1.1 Gap Dashboard

Our projected goals are listed below in the Gap Dashboard table.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
2009 2010 2011
Speaking Engagements 13 14 15
Outbound Parts Calls 1,200 1,320 1,452
Sales Visits 360 396 436
New Customers Added 26 29 31
Repeat Customers 220 242 266
Testimonials 12 15 18
Increase Equip Referrals 1 to 3 per month 23 25 28
Launch Consignment program, state by state 7 8 8
Published PR articles 5 6 6
Interview Customers on Web needs 36 40 44
Develop more pass-thru leads 48 53 58
Customer Inv. Management beta 4 4 5

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