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This sample marketing plan was written by Joe Dager of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Know: Newsletter of latest trends, designs, equipment for sale, and maintenance tips on equipment. Hearing what the underground says about the manufacturer's equipment that you own. We are a source of spare parts and knowledge on where to get some hard-to-find items.

Like: Alliances with brokers on used equipment so that we are a source for acquiring and dispersion of contractors' equipment. Having available parts and service for several lines makes us a source of phone calls to support their operation.

Trust: Recommendations, process knowledge shared to improve your existing products performance. Selling used equipment for the contractor provides additional level of trust.

Trial: Hands on sales force that provides unique opportunities for the contractor. Instead of just calling on the contractor to sell, you are also providing them a vehicle to be their sales agent. A mutual relationship is established.

Buy: Who is better to purchase from than the person that you work hand in hand with on acquiring and dispersing your equipment. Equipment updates are sometimes done during this transaction and being a single source is a great advantage.

Repeat: We provide ongoing service support, spare parts and ongoing used equipment purchases. Some equipment needs are reduced when jobs finish and the ability to sell this equipment keeps us in the loop with the customer.

Refer: Create relationships with equipment brokers and dealers on related equipment so that they are willing to refer contractors to you.

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