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This sample marketing plan was created with Marketing Plan Pro software.

This plan is about implementation, changing the business, and making it better. It is worth nothing if not implemented. In this chapter we look at specific implementation programs, and the details that it takes to make it happen.

Other Milestones

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OtherStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerDepartment
Recruit Additional Partner10/1/200612/15/2006$1,000AllAdmin
First Asian Client6/1/200612/15/2006$500WongSales
Name me1/1/20061/15/2006$0ABCDepartment
Total Other Budget  $1,500  

Keys to Success

We need to be aware of metrics of course so we can revisit plans and measure our progress towards plan.

  1. In our case, with our small size and direct owner-operator-partner management, the key organizational metric is projects, as in sales. Theoretically as we grow and compartmentalize we would introduce more of the classic sales process metrics such as lead generation, presentations, etc., steps in the pipeline. For now however this would be disproportional to size.

  2. We should measure website traffic as unique visitors. We can live with a realistic 100 unique visitors per month for now, but the planned investment in the website should be tied to traffic increases to 1,000 unique visitors per month by the end of this year, 5,000 by the end of the planned period.

  3. PR should produce specific metrics, in the plan to be completed by March 15 (in the milestones). Our PR effort should be responsible for quotes in publications, articles produced, and speaking opportunities. Of course there must be shared responsibility with the partners on who the PR effort will depend.

Market Research

We need to cover two main elements of market research:

  1. Manufacturers. We need to know the market of manufacturers in all three target continents, including market trends and developments related to manufacturers of personal computers, peripherals, connectivity and Internet, and software.

  2. Channel marketing. We need to know the trends in channel competition, emergence of new channels, economics, major competitors, new technologies, and major players in all three continents.

At this stage of our development, our research is mainly secondary research generated by keeping up with the media, including trade press and the Internet. We should quickly establish a strong filing system so that we can use the information that appears in secondary sources and catalog and organize for effective use later on.

Contingency Planning

The most likely change in the marketing scheme is a major increase in Internet website traffic and the importance of website marketing. We will all keep a close eye on website developments and, if needed, increase our focus on website marketing.

As of this writing, we expect we can develop our niche and focus without direct competition from the name brand consulting companies. If we attract direct competition operating within our key area, we should then...(omitted for reasons of confidentiality).

Marketing Organization

Our marketing department is managed by Leslie Howard, a full-time professional, responsible to all of the partners as a group but to no specific partner. We need the marketing department to maintain its professional integrity above and beyond the specific partners, looking out for our marketing goals and implementing the marketing programs as best fits our strategy.

Leslie has two full-time employees, one in charge of the website implementation (Tracy) and the other a staff manager to help with the logistics of getting it all done (Kelly).

Sales Forecast

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Sales Breakdown by Partner

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Sales Breakdown by Segment

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Sales Breakdown by Region

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Marketing Expense Budget

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Expense Breakdown by Partner

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Expense Breakdown by Segment

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Expense Breakdown by Region

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Contribution Margin

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Website Expenses

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