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The core strategy of Drowzey Hotel's marketing is to project both its opulence and unwavering dedication to its mission or surprising visitors with its luxury. Internally, staff will be drilled with this mission so that they understand that excellent service is the highest art and not a lowly pursuit. Staff will be directed to seek out new ways to surprise and excite visitors. Staff training, covered within the marketing training section, will help staff understand this concept, although new hires will be chosen with an eye towards creativity as well as work ethic.

Measurable results that will show that the business is achieving its goal will include customer ratings and customer reviews, press and industry reviews of the hotel, and the hotel's ability to maintain its level of pricing even in difficult economic climates.

Core Branding Elements

Drowzey Hotel has cultivated and will continue to cultivate a brand image associated with dark, rich colors, punctuated by the dazzling brilliance of gold, lights, and mirrors. On its website and in marketing materials, these colors will be a rich purple and rich gold.

The company has used and will continue to use a professional photographer to capture images of the hotel, its rooms and willing visitors (or actors) taking advantage of its services.

The core message of "luxury that will surprise you" also serves as the tagline on all marketing materials and printed materials. This tagline must be added to new business cards as they are printed.

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