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Whether visiting Somnigstad for business or pleasure, some travelers are not satisfied with the predictability of chain hotels or the quaint charm (and unpredictability) of inns and bed and breakfasts. This ideal customer earns and has earned a great deal of money in his or her life and can afford the best any city has to offer. When traveling, this customer feels it is important to have new experiences which demonstrate the status he or she has achieved in life. Furthermore, if this customer misses such an experience he will judge that he has lost something, even if no one else knows.

The type of lodging this customer desires is extremely comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, and features services which go above and beyond a four star hotel's offering. Room service, a full bathtub, fitness center, and Internet access are all prerequisites for this traveler. Their hotel of choice needs to offer a surprising level of luxury.

Market Description

The target market for the Drowzey Hotel share most of the following characteristics:

  • Ages 35 to 60
  • Visiting Somnigstad from a large American city or Europe 
  • Professional career, income over $100,000 or net worth over $1 million
  • Believe that experiences are as valuable as, if not more valuable than, material things
  • Feel entitled to luxurious experiences due to their success and hard work
  • Guard their free time jealously

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