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Lead generation will be through a number of means including:

  • National magazine and newspaper advertising
  • Online pay-per-click advertising around "hotel Somnigstad" and related keywords
  • Customer referral program
  • Professional referral discount offers
  • Direct mail campaign to target market of high net-worth individuals in U.S. cities (5,000 individuals will be targeted with mailings, varying between postcards and letters, once a month for 6 months before switching to a new set of 5,000 names) 

The leads generated will be tracked in a professional hotel Customer Relationship Management program which can export information for mail merge purposes and import information from Internet entries. The program will track basic contact information, the source of the lead, the date of the lead, and any information from the online inquiry form, if used. The CRM system will also have fields for customer service including notes about additional services requested and provided, likes and dislikes of the customer, other personal information gleaned from conversation or observation.


Media Tracking Kits Requested

Advertising Medium

Contact Name

Contact #



Total CPM

Luxury Travel magazine O. Dyssius 333-444-5555 TBA TBA TBA
Travel and Leisure magazine L. Gulliver 541-541-5411 TBA TBA TBA
NY Times Travel section M. Polo 666-666-6667 TBA TBA TBA
Online pay-per-click U. Herz 123-456-7890 TBA TBA TBA



Drowzey Hotel strategy will lend itself well to referral marketing. To specifically request referrals from customers, the Drowzey Hotel will offer to send visitors introductory discount offers by email or postal mail to any number of contacts provided by the visitor. This offer will be sent by email to past customers two days after their visit. By entering a list of email addresses or by providing mailing addresses, the hotel staff will send on these discounts noting who they are coming from. This will be a way for customers to advertise the fact that they have used the hotel and to share it with business and personal contacts, hopefully building those relationships in the process.

Professional referrals will be sought from Fortune 500 businesses with offices in Somnigstad, the Somnigstad and state tourism boards, convention centers and meeting halls. These referrals will be sought through personal contact with these businesses by Drowzey Hotel business development staff and through mailing of the marketing kit and referral offer. Repeated touches with the specific contacts at these businesses will be continued through postcard and letter mailings, each making specific reference to the referral discount offer and the additional value which Drowzey Hotel can offer their clientele, visitors and employees.

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