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All staff interact with customers in one way or another. Even kitchen staff, who may never see the guests they serve, will prepare food according to the Drowzey Hotel's ideal.

All staff members will receive specific technical training, observation, and testing over the course of two weeks. During this time they will also be led in ten one-hour marketing sessions covering the following material:

  • Core message and what it means to their job
  • Case studies of how the hotel has fulfilled its mission in the past
  • The ideal target client description, characteristics, and behaviors
  • The current marketing materials and campaign
  • The virtual tour

Even staff who will not be directly involved in using the marketing materials and virtual tour need to understand how the hotel is represented in these external messages. These sessions will be led by the marketing director and will be held with multiple new staff members when possible.

Routine education will include quarterly testing on the company's marketing, core message, and how it plays out in real-life situations. To prepare for these quarterly tests, marketing meetings will be held with all staff twice a month to keep a direct connection between the marketing manager and staff. The tests will be administered in a thirty-minute session to multiple staff members at one time to insure their continued understanding of the hotel's marketing vision and tactics.

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