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Customer loyalty is won systematically at the Drowzey Hotel by careful attention to assuring the quality of all services and to going beyond those basics to offer a customized surprise for each customer. Loyal customers will be treated to free stays when they attend a focus group for the purpose of learning more about them, leveraging their excitement to further excite newer customers, and to develop ideas to improve the hotel and its services.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Loyal clients (called "champions") will be offered a free two-night stay from time to time if the individual agrees to take part in a three-hour focus group along with two to three first-time customers. This focus group will feature a gourmet lunch and will include a moderated discussion of questions about what the hotel is doing right, what customers like about the hotel, and where it can improve. The point of these focus groups are to engage champions, who can be expected to have highly favorable opinions of the Drowzey Hotel, to share their excitement with first-timers who have the potential to become champions themselves.

These focus groups will be held three times in the next year, six times in the second year and ten times in the third year. First-time customers who take part (75% of the group) will be offered the free lunch and another complimentary service (such as limousine service, tickets to a show, etc.) for taking part. These focus groups will occur during dates which are already booked by the champion, who will be given a refund for two nights of the stay if they take part. First-time customers who are at the hotel at that time will be enlisted to take part.

WOW Process

Quality assurance is paramount to the success of the Drowzey Hotel. The following processes and practices are part of the quality assurance system:

  • Customers are to be asked if anything can make their stay better every time they speak with a staff member. Signs at reception declare that if an employee fails to ask the customer this question and to take steps to help them that they should call manager for help and a complimentary service.
  • Employees who are reported by customers to have failed to provide some needed help more than once will be put on probation and given a one month period to rectify the problem. It is not expected that this will happen and if it does, it is expected that the employee will be fired or quit on their own in most cases. Employees that are favorably mentioned specifically in customer reviews more than three times in a quarter will be rewarded with an additional quarterly bonus equal to 10% of their salary for that period. 
  • The customer will be requested to fill out a customer feedback survey upon check-out. The form is a short, five question survey which the customer can complete while waiting at check-out. There will be a follow-up 2 days after check-out to discuss any issues or to receive clarification on answers, if needed.
  • All staff members will be provided with written guidelines pertaining to the cleanliness and preparation of all rooms and spaces, all interactions with customers, and all services provided. These guidelines will be revisited regularly and updates to the guide produced when necessary.

Going beyond quality assurance to offer a true WOW to customers requires encouraging all staff to think beyond the written guidelines and to seek to understand the needs of customers more deeply. The hotel's concierges will be directed to find a specific way to surprise each client during their visit. The concierge staff will ask key questions about each customer's interests during the initial check-in process and using past information collected in the CRM database. The most creative and best reviewed surprises will lead to additional bonuses for concierge staff, based on the discretion of the customer service manager. An example would be to set up a horseback riding lesson for the daughter of a customer after overhearing her interest in going on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

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