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The Drowzey Hotel website is designed to offer an intimate look into the hotel and to guide visitors towards two potential next steps:

  • To set an appointment for a virtual tour (for corporate or private prospects)
  • To reserve rooms at the hotel (for private prospects)

To these ends, the website is designed to answer all of the key questions which visitors would have about the rates, services, location, etc. of the hotel so that they are comfortable (and enticed) to visit.

The website reservation system is designed to make reservations a simple and quick process. A confirmation email and personalized thank you note will be sent to everyone who makes an online reservation, along with an offer to speak directly to a customer service rep at the Drowzey Hotel should they have any questions or specific requests for their stay. The goal of this procedure is to show the prospect the individualized care taken by the Drowzey Hotel with every customer. Furthermore, it is an attempt to cut down on the number of customers who cancel their reservation before visiting the hotel.

Social Media Plan

A company blog (called "Surprising Luxury") will include the content from the periodic email newsletter about the meaning of luxury and hospitality, going beyond specific stories about the Drowzey Hotel to include ideas from all over the world and history. The editor responsible for this blog will seek out other content providers online which cover luxury services and luxury hotels. These sites will be asked to either syndicate the Drowzey Hotel blog or link to it in order to advertise its presence on the Web. The goal of the company blog will be to establish a reputation for the hotel's management as experts on luxury service. In addition to the posts which are sent out in the email newsletter, the blog will be updated every other day with some information relevant to the topic.

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