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The Riverview Hotel, Notown USA, is representative of the five star brand within the 'Exclusive Business Hotels of the World' group. All Riverview Hotels are boutique properties, offering between 25 and 35 exclusive rooms.

The Riverview properties are renowned for their convenient and strategic locations within major cities throughout the country. Also synonymous with the brand are the high level of personal service guests receive, and the extensive range of comprehensive business facilities available in luxurious settings.

The Riverview Hotel, Notown has 35 exclusive rooms and is targeting corporate guests with a two to three night stay requirement. Target business segments include the IT sector, due to the proximity of the property to Silicone Hill, USA; the automotive industry in order to capitalize on the strategic location of the hotel in relation to the Overall Motors Plant and HQ in Notown and travel trade guests attending National and International Travel Fares at the Notown Exhibition Halls.

Differentiating the type of business service offered, from that of the competition, will assist not only in building the Riverview brand as a whole, but will attract frequent business travelers, who require a higher level of personal service and recognition than they can receive at competitive five star properties in Notown. This will provide the Riverview with an opportunity to leverage its core competencies as regards servicing the business traveller in a luxurious environment.

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