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Inspect A-bode is a residential home inspection service serving Washington, PA and the surrounding community. Inspect A-bode offers complete home inspections, as well as additional services including electromagnetic field testing, radon testing, and asbestos testing. This service will be offered to home buyers as well as sellers. For buyers it will provide them with crucial information regarding the condition of their house. For sellers it will offer documentation indicating the condition of the house, eliminating the buyer's uncertainty.

Inspect A-bode will be deriving the majority of sales from real estate agents who will have entered into strategic relationships with Inspect A-bode. Once these strategic relationships are established, there will be a constant, easy source of jobs since the agents are in the business of selling homes, all of which should have an inspection done prior to closing.

Inspect A-bode is backed up by 12 years of industry experience. These years of experience will be leveraged to develop a competitive advantage, along with an impeccable level of professionalism. While there are several other inspection companies serving the market, only one approaches Inspect A-bode  in terms of professionalism or industry experience. Inspect A-bode will reach profitability by month six and will generate revenue close to $50,000 by the end of year one.

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