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The external marketing message for Houses On The Lake is "Relax at Your House on the Lake." The operative word of "your" will be emphasized to show that the business offers personal service, personal accommodations, and many of the positive elements of a time share. Internally, staff will be consistently reminded of this need for personalization so that customers feel at home with their houseboat and make a strong connection with the boat as well as with the lake so that they will desire to return not just to Lake Shasta, but to the same boat.

Customer retention will be the primary mark of whether these core goals are being achieved. The business seeks to achieve a 50% retention rate of customers from year 2 to year 3 and beyond. This result would show that customer service is just as important as external marketing in continuing to drive sales.

4.1 Core Branding Elements

Core branding elements for Houses On The Lake which must be developed include:

  • Logo (A stylized house boat, looking much like a cottage, sitting upon the lake)
  • Tagline ("Relax at your house on the lake")
  • Colors (Blues and greens to bring to mind the lake and natural surroundings)
  • Images (Couples and families enjoying activities on their boat and in the surrounding area)

These branding elements will be developed with the help of a recently graduated designer with branding experience. Images will be developed over time, as Houses On The Lake will prefer to use images of real customers rather than stock footage,, as discerning customers can see the difference. These elements will be used on the company website, office signage, uniforms (consisting of a blue, short-sleeved polo shirt with the logo printed on the chest), print advertising, printed brochures, and any other visual elements that are used exclusively by Houses On The Lake. 

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