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Houses On The Lake's sales will be managed entirely by Robert Hopkins. He will receive reservation requests from interested customers, approve them by email, respond by phone to answer specific questions raised, and pursue business through partnerships with travel agents.  Sales will depend in large part on the online reservation request form to close business. The website will prepare customers with a great deal of information so they are better informed before reserving.

As an owner, Robert Hopkins will be paid a base salary and compensated for sales through the profits of the business. He will have the authority to vary from the advertised prices, but will use this at his discretion to book dates which are unlikely to be used otherwise (i.e., off season or last-minute bookings). Special higher rates for holidays and certain weekends in the spring, summer, and fall are expected to balance out these discounted dates. He will update the rates offered on the website and the availability calendar as needed.

An additional sales strategy exists to establish relationships with houseboat owners. Robert Hopkins will contact owners directly to advertise the services of Houses On The Lake to these "suppliers." This work will begin well before the business's launch in order to have a roster of at least three houseboats to rent for the first year.

Hopkins will use the following process to follow up with a prospect (one who has expressed some interest either via phone or email):

  • Call a prospect back within 12 hours maximum, and within 2 hours whenever possible.
  • Attempt to walk prospect through aspects of the website in order to answer their questions on the first call.
  • Call back each undecided customer in one week to try again and set a next step.
  • For non-responding prospects, call back three times before calling the prospect inactive and using email only.
  • Supporting each call with an email to describe the purpose of the call and present an offer for action.

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