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Marketing for Houses On The Lake will focus in on the target markets of families and young couples. Materials will show families and couples having fun together, both together and in separate activities (waterskiing, fishing, slides, hiking, camping, swimming, using the spa, etc.). Upon the launch, images will be provided by the manufacturers of the houseboats and other sources, as they will not yet be photos of actual customers using Houses On The Lake.

Marketing will include:

  • Local advertising in California vacation and travel magazines
  • Website creation and promotion (see Web plan)
  • Direct mail to travel agents across the U.S. and Northern California tourism
  • Partnerships with travel agents. These will be sought over time, not expected until year 3 or later
  • Referral discount offer to customers

The marketing to vacationers will also be seen by owners, alerting them to this opportunity to rent out their boats.

8.1 Advertising

Media Tracking Kits Requested

Advertising Medium

Contact Name

Contact #



Total CPM

California Tour and Travel Magazine removed removed removed removed removed
California Travel Magazine removed removed removed removed removed
Cascades East Recreation and Adventure removed removed removed removed removed

8.2 Referrals

Referrals will be sought over time from travel agencies. However, the business will have to establish a track record and reputation for high quality service before it will be a choice of travel agents. To reach travel agents, Houses On The Lake will take the following steps:

  • Create a targeted list of travel agents who send our Ideal Customers to Lake Shasta. This list will be developed over the first year of operation.
  • Create a marketing kit which includes information from the website and the company brochure which will be sent out to these travel agencies in the second year of operation. This will include a discount to travel agents so they can bundle the rentals with travel packages to their customers or pocket the discount as their own referral fee.
  • Robert Hopkins will follow up with phone calls to each travel agency to attempt to set up times to review the material and establish these relationships.
  • Travel agents will be offered houseboat rentals to encourage them to try the business firsthand.

Customer referrals will be sought from each booking customer through an offer presented at their check-out time to give the customer and their referral 10% off their next rental. This offer will give a customer 10% off for every referred customer that puts down a deposit for a rental.

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