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Upon the launch of the business, Robert Hopkins will perform all marketing activities. To provide a specific focus for these activities, Hopkins will put aside three hours per work day throughout the first year to work on marketing outreach and programs. This time will be scheduled at non peak hours and will only be interrupted by customer check-ins and check-outs if they must occur at those times.

The milestones table illustrates the key marketing activities around the launch of the business. Before the business officially opens in October 2010, the marketing campaign will begin with the development of the branding, website, brochure, and print ads. Internet advertising, direct mail, and the running of those print ads will occur after October 2010.

The monthly marketing themes give a focus for Robert Hopkins' efforts each month on an ongoing basis. Although each of these areas must be designed for the launch of the business, they will be revisited each year in the corresponding month with at least ten hours of focus on their revision and improvement.

11.1 Monthly

Months Marketing Theme
1 Print Advertising and Marketing Materials
2 Service Innovation
3 Image and Testimonial Refreshment
4 Customer Referral Program and Discount Offers
5 WOW Process
6 Sales Process
7 Website
8 Supplier Marketing (Marketing efforts to houseboat owners)
9 Web Advertising
10 HOTL Rewards Program
11 Facebook Page
12 Travel Agency Referral Program


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Advertising Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Create and Buy Print Ads 9/1/2010 9/30/2010 $10,000 RH Marketing
Print Advertising Runs 10/1/2010 3/31/2010 $0 RH Marketing
Total Advertising Budget $10,000
Branding Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Create Logo 8/1/2010 9/1/2010 $500 Graphic Designer Marketing
Create Stationery 9/1/2010 10/1/2010 $500 Graphic Designer Marketing
Total Branding Budget $1,000
Direct Marketing Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Create Brochure 9/1/2010 9/30/2010 $5,000 RH Marketing
Create Travel Agent Marketing Kit 4/1/2011 5/1/2011 $2,500 RH Marketing
Direct Mail to Travel Agents & Tourism Groups 5/1/2011 5/31/2011 $500 RH Marketing
Total Direct Marketing Budget $8,000
Web Development Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Create Website 8/1/2010 9/30/2010 $5,000 RH Marketing
Web Advertising 10/1/2010 5/31/2011 $7,000 RH Marketing
Facebook Page development 6/1/2011 8/1/2011 $0 RH Marketing
Total Web Development Budget $12,000
WOW Process Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Create Checklists 1/1/2011 2/1/2011 $0 RH Operations
Create Customer Survey 1/1/2011 2/1/2011 $0 RH Operations
Total WOW Process Budget $0
Totals $31,000

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