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Boating assistants will be hired for the second summer. Before that point, Hopkins will fulfill their role of supporting the renters during their stays. One boating assistant will be brought on for the second summer and two for the third summer. The boating assistants will not work year-round, but will work from June to August to handle the peak season.

Each boating assistant will be specifically trained in the Houses On The Lake service mind-set as well as in the specific skills required of the position. This training will include:

  • Overview of all of the services offered by Houses On The Lake
  • Overview of the WOW Process and the importance of the consistent checklists and surveys to customer satisfaction
  • The HOTL rewards program
  • Awareness of all advertising, referral programs, and marketing materials
  • The website and Facebook page
  • Phone service training and role playing, so Hopkins is comfortable with the assistant handling sales calls when necessary

This training will be repeated in part in subsequent summers, when the past year's boating assistants will be required to lead parts of the training for new assistants, with Hopkins observing and supervising. This will ensure that these assistants will retain and brush up on their understanding of what Houses On The Lake stands for because they will have to teach it to other employees.

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