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The customer service focus of Houses On The Lake, making each customer's rental as personalized as possible, will be a primary means of ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. A system of quality and satisfaction assurance (the "WOW Process") will be established to provide safeguards against bad experiences and to make sure customer expectations are exceeded whenever possible.

Customer loyalty will be rewarded with the HOTL points program which provides loyalty rewards via additional services and even free rentals to customers who accumulate enough points.

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

The HOTL points system offers customers who sign up 1 point for every dollar spent at Houses On The Lake, whether for the primary rental or for additional services. Customers will be solicited to sign up for HOTL rewards on their second visit to Houses On The Lake, with the understanding that their expenditures from their previous visit can count toward points as well. From that point on, receipts to the customer will show their current balance of points. The customer will be given information on a password-protected page on the website which provides details on the HOTL points program, such as the types of benefits their points can be traded in for.

For example, these benefits will be offered:

  • 1,500 points - Free day rental of a ski boat ($30 value)
  • 3,000 points - Additional day rental to add to the customer's next vacation ($50-$200 value)
  • 5,000 points - 3 day off-season rental ($600 value)
  • 10,000 points - 3 day peak-season rental ($1,200 value)

By signing up for the HOTL points program, these customers will also begin to receive members-only emails with special offers, repeated mention of the referral program, and information about the Lake Shasta attractions and events.

10.2 WOW Process

The WOW process includes the following steps to ensure quality and customer satisfaction:

  • Standardized pre-rental checklist to be signed off on by the employee who outfits the houseboat. This checklist will ensure a consistent boat set-up, including supplies, complimentary gifts, cleaning, and appliance and boat maintenance. The checklist will have a section which is specific to each customer including the specific requests they have made for items the boat should be outfitted with. Each customer will receive some complimentary gift which is not mentioned in marketing materials so that there is a means to exceed expectations starting with the first interaction.
  • Initial twenty minute tour of the boat with a company employee. During the tour through all of the boat's options and amenities (employees will work off of a checklist), customers will be asked if there are additional items which can be provided that they have thought of or forgot to request earlier. Customers will then sign-off on the checklist to show that the boat appears in good order and they have received the tour.
  • Halfway through each rental period, whether it is one week, four days, or three days, Robert Hopkins will contact the primary customer via phone call, text message, or email to check that he or she is enjoying their stay and to see if there is anything else that can be provided to make their rental more enjoyable. These requests may provide opportunities to provide additional complimentary items to wow a customer or additional services to sell to the client. This contact will be informal, yet required for each customer. Before their rental, Houses On The Lake will confirm the correct means to contact the customer during his or her stay so that there is a better chance of them receiving this message.
  • The check-out satisfaction survey will ask the customer to rate 10 aspects of their visit to show whether Houses On The Lake has failed to meet expectations, met expectations, or exceeded expectations. Additional comments on these 10 questions will be requested at this time.

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