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This sample marketing plan was written by Fiona Friesen of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The primary lead generation tactic is word-of-mouth/referral. Our goal is to spend an absolutely minimal amount on advertising and commissions to stores.

We use a Facebook page to promote the products among friends, family and colleagues. This results in online requests far and wide.

We use jewelry pieces as gifts to friends, with the hope they will tell and refer others.

A large portion of our collection is displayed at at Wilson Road Pottery studio, where the jewelry is displayed among other artisan objects for sale. A small commission of $2/piece is paid to the owner.

A website with professional photography is in development. This will mainly be used to refer people when they ask about the items, or click through from Facebook.

We may consider consignment selling at local home decor and accessory shops in Calgary. This is dependent on commission rates and what price the pieces can reasonably command in the market.

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