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The external marketing message of Local Threads uses the statement "When you buy local, the effects are global". The positioning goal for the business is to be seen as a business which is better for the environment and garment makers, compared with other retailers which rely on overseas sweat shops.

The results which Local Threads hopes to see from this marketing include:

  • A steady ability to charge prices which are significantly higher than big box retailers like WalMart, Kmart and Target.
  • A loyal following, shown by having at least 500 individuals sign up for "Local Threads membership" in the first three years
  • An ability to source unique items, shown by having at least 25% of inventory being sourced from individual garment maker, student designers, or craftsmen
  • Sales to a significant portion of Redwood City College students, shown by selling to at least 1,500 distinct customers over the first three years and sales reaching $240,000 per year in the third year

4.1 Core Branding Elements

The visual look of the Local Threads brand will be supported by the following:

  • A simple, but striking logo incorporating the "local/global" theme, created by a student designer
  • Color theme including greens and blues to tie in with the colors of the earth
  • Use of this logo and color theme on all advertising materials, business cards, product description cards, and the exterior sign for the shop
  • An informational website featuring the same logo and color theme, along with links to information about buying local and other businesses with the same mission
  • A Facebook page and email newsletter sharing the same logo and color theme
  • Attire for employees consisting entirely of products from the store

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