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Local Threads will seek to expand its customer base well beyond diehard environmentalists by offering services and products which engage different groups:

  • Suspects (Those who may or may not be qualified to become buyers - i.e. the entire Redwood City College campus): The website and an email newsletter available for sign-up on the website or via Facebook offers information on specials at the store as well as links to other local businesses that support environmentalism, local environmentalist activities, and advertisements for environmentalist groups
  • Prospects (Those who enter the store): Small gift items will be offered to entice prospects to make a first introductory purchase. These include clothing accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, socks, belts, etc.) and come with an informational card about the source of the product and story of its producer on one side and the Local Threads logo and core message on the other side. These gift items can be wrapped in a recyclable gift bag for customers if desired.
  • Customers (Those who have made a previous purchase): Men's and women's casual apparel, including pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests, and more.
  • Loyal Customers (Customers who return for a second purchase): The Local Threads "Well Dressed" program allows customers to receive 10% off (via a $10 rebate after $100 of purchases) as well as 10% off for guests they bring in whenever they arrive with a group of at least 4 individuals. These services are intended to increase the loyalty of those who are clearly interested in aligning themselves with Local Threads and giving them an easy means to spread the word about the store by bringing friends and referrals in batches to the store.

5.1 Price Rationale

Small gift items, intended for impulse buys or for the casual shopper, are priced under $25 and are located conveniently near the check-out area of the store. Through a survey of Redwood City College students, Local Threads found that under $25 is the right price for college students to purchase gifts for each other, family, and significant others, and that these students will often feel inclined to buy items at this price point without a specific recipient in mind at the moment.

Much of the clothing in the store will be priced similarly to a high-quality chain store such as Banana Republic or the Gap. However, individual  items may have a range in price (such as skirts ranging from $30 to $100 due to the differences in cost structure between a mass producer and individual craftspeople). Items that are hand-crafted by an individual designer/producer may be priced 50% to 100% higher than a mass-produced item. All products will generally feature a 67% markup over the supplier's price. This is less than the industry standard, but will keep retail prices more competitive as the products are somewhat more expensive to source.

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