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Local Threads will engineer its employee training and store around providing assurance and satisfaction to its customers. A defect-free guarantee will contribute as well. Once customers' trust is earned, their loyalty will be encouraged through the "Well Dressed" membership program.

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Customers who return to make a second purchase will be identified by prominently displaying a sign (and reminding customers) that a free gift comes with the second purchase by any customer. To receive this gift, customers must provide their name and email address on their first visit so that there is a record when they return to make a second purchase. The free gift will likely be an inexpensive (under $5 value) product provided for free by a complementary business (i.e. a bar of soap, candle, etc.)

After a second purchase, customers will be invited to join the "Well Dressed" membership program. Members of this program who have spent more than $500 in total at Local Threads will be invited to serve on an advisory group which will meet every other month to vote on new clothing suppliers to feature at Local Threads. Both Local Threads and these members will find and propose potential new suppliers. This involvement will provide an additional opportunity for members to support local businesses and will bring these members closer to Local Threads. It will also ensure that there is a built-in customer base for new clothing items, as the top customers will have a direct say as to what is sold at Local Threads.

10.2 WOW Process

Prospects who enter the store or those who call the store will always be greeted by the clerk on duty, who will offer to help the customer find anything he or she is looking for. The clerk will also ask if it is the customer's first time in the store. If so, the clerk will explain the difference of Local Threads in just a few sentences so the prospect understands the mission of Local Threads and sees the value of buying locally made clothing.

The store will offer multiple mirrors throughout so that outerwear items can be tried on in the store. The store will feature one dressing room where other items can be tried on. These store features help to assure that items fit customers well and they are sure they like the look of items before they purchase.

Local Threads will help customers be more comfortable with handmade and amateur-made clothing by offering a defect-free guarantee. If clothing shows a manufacturing defect in the first 6 months, the customer can receive their money back. Local Threads will demand the same from its suppliers, and require them to provide refunds for clothing where customers find defects.

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