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The Local Threads website will constitute a valuable resource to potential customers on its own by listing events, groups, and local businesses that serve the needs of our environmentally conscious target market. The website will create an association between the Local Threads brand name and a deep, authentic interest in supporting local, environmentally-friendly businesses. The website will not sell items directly, but will feature a rotating slideshow with a selection of items available at the store. Customers will be referred to visit the store as purchases cannot be made over the website.

The website will be designed at low cost with the help of a college student Web designer.

Pages of the website will include:

  • About us - Mission and vision of the store
  • Supplier profiles (with the same stories found on the profile cards)
  • Slideshow of products
  • Directions, hours, and contact information
  • Membership program description
  • Business referral program description
  • College a cappella group sponsorship description and link to the sponsored group
  • Local event listings
  • Organization listings of like-minded organizations
  • Business listings of like-minded businesses
  • 7.1 Social Media Plan

    The Local Threads Facebook Page will feature similar information to the Local Threads website, with a few differences:

    • The Facebook Page will allow users to engage directly with the company by posting clothing likes, dislikes and ideas to the Wall, which will be answered directly by the management
    • Users will be invited to become Fans of the Page in order to receive the email newsletter via Facebook and additional updates on green/local shopping tips
    • Discussion topics will be posted by management about living green to encourage users to contribute ideas through discussion forums

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