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This sample marketing plan was written by Joe Dager of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

These manufacturers have little or no in-house marketing staff. They have grown to where they are with little or no formal marketing but have become frustrated with their inability to "go to the next level." They are ready to move beyond reaction- and event-driven tactics. They are looking for a marketing partnership and are of unsure of how to proceed. They know what they do well and realize that they are the ones who must take responsibility for communicating the vision of the business – they want help doing just that. Many times they have worked with outside agencies and found that there has been little if any improvement other than a more "professional image."

2.1 Market Description

Our customers consist of manufacturers of machinery used in the agricultural, construction, forestry, materials handling, mining and utilities industries. Within this group we are most successful with process equipment manufacturers that require a high degree of application knowledge in order for their products to be sold. 

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