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This sample marketing plan was written by Joe Dager of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

When working on the top of the funnel and getting people to know, like and trust us, we have found people grow tired of additional educational material. In new material sent, we will always try to find out why previous material has not been acted upon. Was it not a good idea? Was it just because you had too much to do? Or, you did not see how to properly apply it? Using added sales techniques such as this, we feel the need for our services will become apparent.

We have always used our entry sources as part of the natural progression to our marketing funnel. This year we will make a concentrated effort on up-selling the next stage of the funnel. One of the items that we want to try is to assume that the person will go to the next stage. So many times in the past, we have waited and tried to sell the next stage at the end of a program. Now it will be just a matter of what we will cover in the next section. Just like it is a continuation of the program when it comes to that time.It will be a renewable, rather than a new sale.

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