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This sample marketing plan was written by Joe Dager of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Our vision is that in 3 to 5 years we will be implementing through content rich material and processes that have become an industry norm on how to go about installing a marketing system.  

1.1 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Finish my book by the end of the year
  • Become more efficient at storytelling
  • Take time off this year 

Business Goals:

  • Increase consulting engagements from three to six by year's end
  • Have minimum of five year-long engagements ongoing by August
  • Have 50 attendees per month in webinars

Strategic Goals:

  • Increase speaking engagements by the end of year
  • Create smooth transition between the steps of the marketing funnel

Tactical Goals:

  • Call five people a day, period
  • Use social media to promote our expertise with past clients
  • Develop cross-promotions for the book with key expert partners

1.2 Purpose

Our business exists to install a simple, affordable, effective and repeatable process into someone's business. Sometimes it can be done in 30 to 90 days, but typically it will take a full year commitment from a firm to establish the foundation, instruments and processes for this to become part of their business culture. 

1.3 Picture

The picture we want to paint is that a customer has the ability for their marketing to operate without panic, confusion or scrambling to get something done. Marketing works when it is a process and things are done on a schedule supporting the previous and future steps.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

These key metrics need to be monitored. If we achieve these we believe that we will prosper and succeed in business. But, more importantly, we feel that if we make these efforts and our business is suffering it is apparent that our tactics and strategies need to be adjusted. Using this as an indicator and monitoring our marketing funnel successfully will allow us the freedom and opportunity desired in owning our own business. 

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
2009 2010 2011
Book with a chapter a month 12 12 12
Storytelling 3 3 3
1 week vacation 4 4 5
Consulting Engagements 6 8 10
Year Long Engagements 5 6 8
Webinar Attendance 50 75 100
Call 5 people a day 240 360 480
Smooth transition on Funnel 7 7 7
0 0 0
Open source Development 7 10 14
Blogsite 4 4 4
0 0 0

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