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The primary method of lead conversion for the organization is the orientation session. It is at this session that interested parties meet in large groups with the Executive Director of the Riverton Business Accelerator and one of the business trainers. Over the course of the one-hour session, they describe the benefits of not only the class, but of post-graduate services, and speak in general terms about the power of entrepreneurship to improve the individual's position. There is a 15-minute question and answer session, followed by 30 minutes in which the speakers remain on site to speak to interested parties individually. Class applications are handed out at the session and pointers are given as to how to demonstrate the creativity and drive which RBA looks for in clients. Attention is also paid to the cost of the class and the reason for the cost. It is important to make sure that applicants are stable enough to be able to afford this cost (those who are currently out of work should be seeking more immediate job training services and are not the intended target market for RBA).

All attendees to the orientation sessions are called one week later to encourage them again to apply, if they have not already done so. Applications for the training courses are due one month prior to the class starting date.

At other times of the year, interested parties speak with staff members who give them the basic information about the next scheduled course and encourage them to attend the upcoming orientation session. These callers (and those who email) are tracked in a customer relational management database so that they can be followed up with as the orientation session and application time approaches. Interested parties are added to the email newsletter list, if they provide an email address, or to the mail newsletter list, if they provide only a mailing address.

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